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swirl lollipop candy bar manufacturer and distributor kathmandu nepal

Bishnu Maya Comnfectionary  Pvt. Ltd. is the Largest Candy Bar Manufacturer in the Kathmandu

As the largest manufacturer in the Kathmandu, Bishnu Maya Comnfectionary

pvt. ltd. has been delivering a sweet experience to its customers. With an

inventory of over 100 selections, we feature an extensive range of bulk candy,

novelty candy, old fashioned candy  that are perfect for any occasion. We

proudly serve hundreds of retail stores, distributors, candy stores, gift shops,

and many other retail outlets throughout the Nepal.

Our offices located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Call us today and see why Bishnu Maya Comnfectionary pvt. ltd.  is the one-stop shop for all your candy needs!

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